Olby Wills and Probate Records 1800-1980

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Most of the following records have been culled from post-1857 Probate Calendars. A few wills have been summarised.

Robert Olby of Brandon, Gunflint maker and furrier - died on 01 Nov 1834
Probate: Norwich Consistorial Court 27 April 1835
Will dated 19th September 1834, witnessed by Edward Jas. Smythe, Edward Jas. Smythe Jr. and Henry Smythe, 4 folios, effects sworn under 100
Executors: Wife Dinah Olby and brother John Olby
Legatees: Bequeaths and devises 'unto my dearly beloved wife Dinah All and every my real and personal property whatsoever and wheresoever' for her lifetime, at her decease 'to my two children Robert and Mary as tenants in common and not as joint tenants'.

Robert Olby of Lisson Grove - died on 27 Aug 1851
Probate: PCC 22nd October 1851 [PROB 11/2141 Q808 F63]
'I will and bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth Olby all my goods and chattels.' Witnessed by Henry Pearson and Joseph Lees.
Legatees: Wife Elizabeth Olby

Eliza Ann Olby of Keston Villa, Keston, Kent, Spinster - died on 23 Jun 1893
Probate: Administration granted to Elizabeth Olby, spinster.
Effects of 203 1s 5d.

Lucy Olby - died on 10 Feb 1906
Probate: Administration granted to Alfred Olby 25th May 1906 at Canterbury
Gross estate 97 0s 0d.

Robert Olby of Bournemouth, Gentleman - died on 11 Apr 1915
Probate: London 30th April 1915
Will dated 16th June 1904, witnessed by W.F. & R.A. Hathaway. Lived at 20 Sedgeley Road, Winton, Bournemouth. Effects 585 15s.
Executors: Jane Dowker Olby, widow.
Legatees: 50 to sister Rosa Talbot Porter of 41 Beauchamp Road, Forest Gate; residue to dear wife Jane Dowker Olby.

Arthur Olby of Norwich - died on 04 Nov 1918
Probate: Norwich admon 11th December 1918
Of 11 Alan Road, Norwich. Effects 117
Executors: Administration granted to Eliza Lydia Olby, widow.

William Henry Olby of Norwich - died on 11 Jan 1927
Probate: Norwich 24th January 1927
Of 1 Alan Road, Norwich. Effects 220 12s 10d.
Executors: Ada Olby, spinster, and Kate Fitt (wife of James Fitt).

Frances Alexandrina Olby of St Leonards, Wife of Alfred Olby - died on 26 Dec 1936
Probate: London 28th January 1937
Will dated 12th January 1934, witnessed by Katherine Elliot & Winnie Crane. Lived at 30 Charles Road, St Leonards on Sea. Effects 3176 12s 11d.
Executors: Jeffrey Charles St Quinin solicitor and Frederick Avening Ginever no occupation.
Legatees: Jewellery to niece Irene Taub; inherited monies to sisters Violet Blanche and Emily; residue of estate to niece Irene Taub and brother Alfred Lowther Forrest.

Alfred Olby - died on 23 Apr 1939
Probate: London, 10th August 1939
Will dated 3rd May 1937, witnessed by solicitors. Effects 2483 3s 7d.
Executors: John Olby, builders merchant and Edward Thomas Wood, chartered accountant.
Legatees: Books and 100 to son Bernard George Olby; 100 to half-sister Rosa Chamberlain (formerly Porter); residue to be divided equally between five children: Lucy Mary Olby, Rosa Eliza Hacker, Grace Elizabeth Dowding, John Olby and Bernard George Olby.

Augustus Robert Peter Olby of Beckenham - died on 31 Dec 1940
Probate: Llandudno 16th June 1941
Will dated 9th August 1939 witnessed by J Austin Dowding and Marie Wright Fraser. Lived at 26 Manor Way, Beckenham, Kent. Effects 17,497 10s 6d. Died at 36 Silverston Avenue, Bognor Regis, Sussex. Probate extracted by Arthur C Dowding, 135 High Street,
Executors: Cecil Augustus Olby, Douglas Eric Olby and Leslie Morton Olby, builders merchants, grandsons Orpington, Kent
Legatees: Wife Hannah Olby 500, an annuity of 624 and personal chattels; housekeeper Sarah Williams an annuity of 52; son Augustus Olby all monies in bank; granddaughter Gladys Pocock 1000; Margaret Loader and her husband Ernest George Loader life interest in property at Sanderstead reverting to his great grandchildren Christopher and Janet Pocock; grandsons Cecil Augustus Olby 167 High Street, Penge; Douglas Eric Olby 169 High Street, Penge; Leslie Morton Olby 171 High Street, Penge; Graham Ronald Olby warehouse in Penge plus residue of estate to be shared between them.

Derek Morley Olby of Lewisham - died on 12 Dec 1943
Probate: Admon Llandudno 16th May 1944
Of 24 Vicars Hill, Lewisham, London. Died on war service. Effects 1182 10s 5d.
Executors: Administration granted to Hugh Edgar Olby wholesale builders merchant.

Jane Dowker Olby of Bournemouth, Widow - died on 22 Mar 1943
Probate: Llandudno 18th May 1943
Lived at 18 Sedgeley Road, Winton, Bournemouth. Effects 1073 18s 11d.
Executors: James Mason retired ironmonger and William Maitland Durant solicitor.

Hugh Edgar Olby of Beckenham - died on 08 Dec 1947
Probate: London 8th July 1948
Of Holmwood, Downs Hill, Beckenham, Kent & 305/313 High Street, Lewisham, London. Died at Beckenham Hospital. Effects 138,912 12s 10d.
Executors: Arthur Henry Hughes chartered accountant & Hugh McCree Olby hardware merchant.

John Olby of Ramsgate - died on 20 Dec 1947
Probate: London 28th March 1948
Of 36 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate & Bellvue Bank Crescent, Ledbury, Herefordshire. Died at Tempsford Hill, Sandy, Bedfordshire.
Executors: George Kiy & Raymond Vernon Hacker company directors & Edward Thomas Wood chartered accountant.

Ethel Olby of Holmwood Downs Hill, Beckenham, Kent, Widow - died on 07 May 1951
Probate: Admon London 25th March 1952
Effects 4459 16s 4d.
Executors: Administration granted to Hugh McCree Olby builder's merchant.

Augustus George Olby of 45 Robson Road, Worthing - died on 15 Feb 1952
Probate: London 30th April 1952
Died at 9 College Road, Chichester. Effects 984-15s
Executors: Leslie Morton Olby and Douglas Eric Olby, company directors

Henry Olby of Tunbridge Wells
Probate: London 19th February 1953
Of 15 Long Meads, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells & 26 Worthington Street, Dover. Died at 12 Molyneux Park, Tunbridge Wells. Effects 47,252 10s 5d.
Executors: Eric Denton Olby builders merchant & Reginald Ernest Pain solicitor.

Lucy Mary Olby of Ramsgate, Spinster - died on 13 May 1953
Probate: London 19th September 1953 (Admon with will)
Will dated 2nd February 1916, witnessed by Henry Dowding of Knavingcots and Robert D Gillman of the Old Court House, Newnham. Lived at Penshurst Road, Ramsgate, Kent. Died Stonehouse Hospital, Dartford, Kent. Effects 5667 12s 3d.
Executors: Administration granted to Rosa Eliza Hacker (wife of Vernon Wallace Hacker) & Grace Elizabeth Dowding, widow.
Legatees: In thirds to Rosa Eliza Hacker (sister), Grace Elizabeth Dowding (sister) and Bernard George Olby (brother) or their surviving children. Executor Robert Norris Dowding farmer of Cowles Farm Elton near Newnham to receive 5 (he predeceased her).

Bernard George Olby of Canterbury - died on 28 Nov 1953
Probate: London 18th January 1954
Of 10b The Precincts, Canterbury. Died at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Effects 7458 16s 5d.
Executors: Terence Robinson & Peter Francis Allfree, solicitors.

Catherine Olivia Olby of Tunbridge Wells, Widow - died on 16 Aug 1957
Probate: London 10th October 1957
Of 15 Long Meads, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells. Died at the Brook Hospital, Greenwich, Kent. Effects 5238 10s 10d.
Executors: Albert Roberts Hughes, solicitor.

Edith Mary Olby of Norwich, Spinster - died on 07 Jul 1957
Probate: Norwich 14th August 1957
Of 161 Nelson Street, Norwich. Effects 2320 16s 8d.
Executors: Anice Maud Olby, spinster.

William Vallor Olby of Bradford - died on 09 Aug 1957
Probate: Admon Wakefield 12th September 1957
Of 37 North Parade, Allerton, Bradford. Effects 582 12s 4d.
Executors: Administration granted to Reginald Edward Olby, overlooker.

Eric Denton Olby of 96 Maison Dieu Road, Dover - died on 29 Oct 1962
Probate: London 3rd January 1963
Effects: 17,233 8s
Executors: Kathleen Violet Olby, widow, and Reginald Ernest Pain, solicitor

Mildred Eston Olby of 1 Maplestead Road, Upper Tulse Hill, London - died on 20 Nov 1964
Probate: London 4th January 1965
Died at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London, W.C.1 30,527
Executors: Dennis Joseph Thomas Hughes, solicitor

George Olby of Church Street, Walmer, Deal - died on 21 May 1964
Probate: Administration: London 28th July 1964
Effects: 3,548
Executors: To Queenie Cory, married woman

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